New test device for weather simulation


For surface coatings or lacquers designed for external use, the greatest challenge and task is the weather resistance. And precisely for this purpose our lacquers are used – to enhance the products of our customers with weather-resistant qualities: whether it is window profiles, facade elements, surfaces of luminaires, covers or outdoor signs – the list of products is endless and practically every product on the market exposed to the exterior can benefit from a surface coating.

These and similar products, which are daily exposed to wind, rain, hail and above all sunshine (UV light), need special protection to increase their life expectancy. Through our lacquers products can significantly slow down the UV-induced aging, keep their look longer and increase their general resistance. Further features such as increased moisture protection, slip resistance or special haptics can be achieved with appropriate lacquer formulations.

In order to find the ideal lacquer for the corresponding application and the corresponding surface, we are now using an additional xenon tester which simulates UV radiation and precipitation. A test phase of several weeks can clearly show which of our lacquers is best suited for the tested product. These complex equipment, paired with the experience of the lacquer engineer, is a prerequisite for the creation of high-performance external use lacquers for the most diverse material surfaces.

If you also have a product which is used outdoors and shall be enhanced with weather resistant radation curing laquer systems, please contact us here!