New field of application: road signs

A new application of our Lott lacquers is the coating of road signs. For our customer from southern Germany, we developed a radiation-curing lacquer system in RAL 7043, which is used on the back of modern road signs. The front side of road signs are usually individualized, but the backs of conventional signs are painted gray, which becomes unsightly due to various strains such as aggressive road dust, bird droppings, UV light and permanent moisture.


After a long development time, we have succeeded in presenting a solution that successfully meets the stringent requirements for outdoor weather resistance, color stability and even salt water resistance (road salt in winter time). Using our extensive test equipment park, we were able to simulate the environmental influences and test our lacquer formulations for perfect function. Our customer can now significantly reduce their VOC balance (* volatile organic compounds) and reduce their energy costs by the use of our 100% solid UV lacquers. Thanks to the UV lacquer system, the production speed has also increased enormously. And the road signs of our customer are in immaculate condition, for many years.

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