New addition to the Lott-Lacke technical center

The latest access to our technical center is the curtain coater from VD Finishing Solutions.

In order to meet all customer requirements, we have a large number of coating machines in our technical center. Thus, we are able to simulate every situation that occurs at the customer in our laboratory. This saves time and is the basis for realizing optimal results for our customers.

We have deliberately opted for a version with a closed pouring head, even though the use of open pouring heads has become more widespread. For it is generally true that a laquer that runs optimally on a machine with a closed pouring head produces clean results on machines with open pouring heads, but not necessarily the other way round. That way, we can ensure that we can simulate even more complex or rarely used applications from our customers.

We are happy to inform you and your company about the possibilities of our laquer systems, please contact us here!