Expansion of our warehouse capacities

Following flourishing sales the required storage space for our company is increasing, especially storage areas of raw materials for radiation-curing coating systems. These storage areas must also meet certain requirements in the chemical industry to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Furthermore the global political and economic situation with its uncertainties always poses new challenges for our purchasing and the availability of goods, especially for special raw materials in the UV-, LED- and EB-coating sector.

We have therefore decided to create a strategic raw material stock where we hold important raw materials in order to be more independent of short-term global commodity shortages and price speculations. For this purpose, another hall was acquired near our company grounds, which now serves as an expanded strategic raw material warehouse. Thus, in most cases, smooth workflows are guaranteed for our customers and processes can be better calculated.

If you have questions about the availability of raw materials for your lacquers or general needs for the application of radiation-curing lacquer systems in your company, please contact us here!