A Lott to see

For our new communication campaign “A Lott to see / A Lott to Feel” we have highlighted our usually invisible lacquers: With the help of SEM (scanning electron microscope) images the surface of our Excimer lacquer systems becomes visible to the human eye. The contours and reliefs that are displayed provide a velvety feel (keyword soft touch) and help the surfaces to a deep matt look. At the same time, the attentive observer discovers something like topographical contours and landscapes in the lacquer surfaces, and the complex but closed homogeneous surface becomes visible.

The idea for the marketing campaign: We put the surfaces in the right light, and we put the focus on the excimer technology, which is currently experiencing a boom – deeply matt surfaces, soft touch and anti-fingerprint properties are in high demand for many products. Thus, the lacquer finally gets the attention it deserves: an instrument that equips products with various properties and can greatly enhance them, and is indeed often essential, must not lead a shadowy existence.The first full-page ads are already published in June in the packaging journal as one of the leading magazines in the packaging industry, and in the industry magazine Material & Technik for the furniture industry.

If you have any questions about excimer lacquers, the advantages and their range of applications, please contact us!