Innovative Anti-Fingerprint Excimer Lacquer

Anti-fingerprint lacquers are still a hot topic. But especially in times of the corona pandemic, surfaces are cleaned more often than usual with various cleaning agents and disinfectants, which usually leads in the long term to a weakening of this special lacquer property.

Our company Lott-Lacke from Herford has therefore developed a new anti-fingerprint excimer lacquer, which shows the anti-fungerprint effect without restriction even after very frequent surface cleaning with commercially available solvents.

By incorporating special raw materials, Lott-Lacke has succeeded in realizing a really permanent anti-fingerprint effect without negatively affecting the other properties of the lacquer. Particularly noteworthy is the very good oleophobic effect of the new lacquer, which practically repels impurities on the surface and makes it easy to clean the surface.

The Lott-Lacke team will be happy to answer any questions you may have!