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Lott-Lacke is an international leader in the development and production of radiation-curing coating systems for floor coverings made ​​of PVC, linoleum, rubber or cork. Our lacquer innovations in this area meet the challenging request of high flexibility, very good resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

All lacquers are available from deep matt to high gloss. Functional modifications of our coating systems, such as conductivity, antibacterial features or embossing are possible at any time upon request.



Our lacquer systems for floorings:

As your innovative partner we develop customized, radiation-curing lacquer systems. Depending on individual requirements and plant conditions following radiation-curing systems are possible:


Ideal coating system where VOC * must be kept as small as possible. Ecologically and economically efficient. Application mainly suitable for rolling, but also suitable for spraying depending on the formulation.

* VOCs are volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compounds)


Aqueous UV lacquers are excellent for 3D thermoformable applications, as well as coatings where haptics or subsequent embossing plays a major role. Due to the final UV cross-linking the resistance is considerably better than with conventional water-based lacquer systems. Application by rolling or spraying.


Thanks to the adjustment of viscosity by solvents it is even possible to create ‘monomer-free’ formulations. Solvent-based UV systems meet the highest demands on chemicals, scratching and weathering resistance. Application mainly by spraying, but also possible by rolling.



Excimer (curing) technology enables to achieve extremely matt surfaces with 100 % UV lacquer systems. It allows to almost completely renounce the usual use of silica for the matting. A level of scratch, chemicals and stain resistance can be reached that cannot be realized with conventional 100 % UV matt lacquers. Generally applied by rolling.



Where high web speeds, the absence of photoinitiators or very thick lacquer coats make up the requirements, EB lacquer systems are the first choice. Like most systems that are cured under a nitrogen atmosphere, EB lacquers are also highly chemical and scratch resistant. Especially the formulation possibility without photoinitiators makes this system ideal for applications with indirect food contact. Application as for 100 % UV – lacquers by rolling or spraying.


Depending on the application, our sustainable lacquers can also be used.

All coating systems can also be developed as dual cure versions!

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