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Here we report regularly about upcoming trade show appearances, new lacquer systems and general news from the world of the lacquer industry.


Sustainable lacquers

Lacquers made from renewable and recycled raw materials are increasingly in demand in the chemical industry when it comes to developing sustainable products and reducing CO² emissions.

naRoLa® – laquer made from renewable raw materials

Our product naRoLa® is a renewable raw material lacquer, an innovative product Lott-Lacke has placed on the market for 25 years. In the early days, this lacquer was only used on environmentally friendly cork and wooden floorings. Today it is just as often used on bio-based plastics and paper.



Innovative Anti-Fingerprint Excimer Lacquer

Anti-fingerprint lacquers are still a hot topic. But especially in times of the corona pandemic, surfaces are cleaned more often than usual with various cleaning agents and disinfectants, which usually leads in the long term to a weakening of this special lacquer property.

Our company Lott-Lacke from Herford has therefore developed a new anti-fingerprint excimer lacquer, which shows the anti-fungerprint effect without restriction even after very frequent surface cleaning with commercially available solvents. (more…)


Focus on antimicrobial lacquers

Due to the current situation, we are currently experiencing an increased demand for antiviral or antimicrobial lacquer formulations. In general, there is a demand from hospitals, trade fair companies, public transport companies, animal breeding companies and hotel and restaurant associations for antiviral or antimicrobial solutions for a variety of different surfaces and uses.

At the moment, the focus is primarily on the Corona SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19), although it must be said that there is hardly any confirmed knowledge available and that most antiviral lacquer additives are in the testing phase. (more…)


Congratulations on the 80th Birthday of Hans-Jochen Lott!

On May 28th, 2020 our long-time company owner Hans-Jochen Lott celebrated his 80th birthday.

Hans-Jochen Lott directed the fortunes of the company for more than 40 years and in 2010 handed over the management to his son Henrik Lott, who, together with Martina Kandler, is now continuing the success story of Lott-Lacke.

We, the management and all employees of Lott-Lacke, wish Jochen Lott many healthy years with his family and all the best for the new year! (more…)


New video about excimer lacquers

Cross-sector excimer lacquers continue to be the major trend topic in the coating industry.

They offer the possibility of creating deep matt surfaces and are responsible for the special feel of the surfaces. Anti-fingerprint or soft-feel haptics can be achieved with the excimer lacquers.

Many users, especially product managers who are not so deeply rooted in the chemical-technical field, ask themselves: how does such an excimer lacquer actually work? (more…)

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