Excimer uv lacquers

Our excimer lacquers form absolutely scratch-resistant surfaces to protect your product. Due to the chemical adjustment of the surface folding, different matting levels from gloss level 1 to approx. 15 can be set.

Our lacquer systems can theoretically also be developed on the basis of recycled or renewable raw materials, you can find more information here.

The following functions or modifications of our customized excimer coating systems are feasible:

  • extreme scratch resistance
  • various softfeel haptics
  • thermoformability
  • outdoor weathering resistance
  • conductive systems for low loading charge
  • various special applications

The following functions or modifications of our lacquer systems can be adjusted depending on the application:

  • conductivity
  • antibacterial equipment
  • embossability
  • anti-fingerprint equipment

The principle of excimer lacquering

The principle of ecximer lacquering results in deeply matt and highly resistant surfaces: at the beginning of the process, the lacquer is applied to the substrate by rolling or casting. Gelling by UV, PAC or LED technology also affects the feel of the lacquer after curing. Additional features such as a soft-touch surface or an anti-fingerprint effect can be achieved in this way.

At a wavelength of 172 nm, experience has shown that excimer lamps have a very high-energy emission, which starts a polymerization process in the uppermost part of a layer of UV-curable lacquer. However, the penetration depth of the excimer UV emission is comparatively low, so that this process leaves only a thin film on the liquid lacquer without curing lower-lying lacquer layers.
This film formation leads to shrinkage of the lacquer whereby the near-surface laquer film develops so-called micro folding. These can be cured in the final curing by conventional UV, LED or ESH technology with the entire lacquer in full layer depth. The result is a deep matt, mechanically and chemically highly resistant surface.

Deep-matt lacquers are currently in high demand, above all in the furniture industry. With our excimer lacquer systems we are developing the basis for homogeneous micro-folds on the paint surface, which can also be excellently reproduced under the scanning electron microscope.